How to follow Tweets without signing up for Twitter

I know it’s hard to believe, but some folks actually don’t want to have a Twitter account, or even a Facebook account. However, many organizations, such as sports teams and businesses, offer special information and deals via Twitter. How can you keep up-to-date without having to register yourself?

As long as the Tweets are not marked “private” (and they wouldn’t be if the organization is trying to market themselves), you can follow the tweets via RSS without ever signing up for Twitter. In fact, once you set it up, you don’t have to keep going back to, which is also nice.

First, you go to the twitter page for the entity you want to follow. In the bottom of the right column, you’ll see a link for RSS feed (RSS feed of krista_e’s tweets, for example). You can subscribe to the RSS feed by copying and pasting that link into your favorite RSS feed reader, also called aggregator.

I like to use Outlook for the feed reader, because then the feeds come to me as an email. Because tweets are naturally short, you don’t even really have to leave Outlook to read them. (Longer feeds, such as for blogs, often just send the first paragraph, and you have to click through to read the rest of the post). IF you want to use Outlook, this blog post has a good step-by-step instructions for using Outlook for RSS feeds.

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