I have been designing things my whole life – from newsletters to homes to web pages. This web site shows some of what I can do, and the photos on this page show more. Because I began my web design career on a company intranet, I can’t show you those pages (they reside inside a corporate firewall). However, my later work is on the internet, and these pictures will give you a sense of my style and abilities.

Device Manufacturer

March, 2009

E-commerce site GPIB device controllers. View Site

Gift Basket Delivery

September, 2008

E-commerce site, imported beer and fine wine gift baskets. View Site

Scrapbook Kit Club

November, 2007

eCommerce site for scrapbooking kits and products. View Site

Optical Store

February, 2009

Optical store history, eyewear information and tips. View Site

Non-profit Organization

May, 2008

Site redesign for Infertility & Adoption support chapter.

Poster for Local Firm

June, 2005

One firm’s philosophy demonstrated visually.

Church Choir

April, 2008

Secure method to get song lists and announcements to choir members.

Consulting Firm

July, 2007

Olympic Bay Media advertises two business units. View Site

Christian Radio

July, 2007

Listeners download radio broadcasts and study guides. View Site

Family Photos

May, 2005

Simple web page displays multi-media slide shows. View Site

Christmas Card

December, 2006

Sharing news with friends and family at Christmas. See inside

Sports Team Site

March, 2007

Triathlon Team shares news, workout schedules, and tips. View Site