Web Design Services

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All web sites have certain basic features in common: home and contact pages, search engine optimization needs, testing, etc. When I create a site, I begin with these basics, and then build off the basic site by adding custom features or applications to suit your needs. I don’t believe in “reinventing the wheel”, so if there is a good quality open source application available, I use it, installing and customizing it to match your site’s design.

Basic Web site

A basic Designed by Krista web site includes the following:

  • Custom graphical design (including a logo, if you need one)
  • Five to eight pages with text and images
  • Search engine optimization, to improve your Google and Yahoo! rankings
  • Printer-friendly and mobile versions of all pages
  • Thorough testing in various browsers
  • Site documentation

Web Hosting

Designed by Krista is affiliated with BlueHost Web Hosting. I recommend this company because they have a good feature set, your site will be stable and affordable, and their support staff is superb. I can assist you with setup or simply register here.

Additional Features

A weblog (i.e. “blog”) is a form of online journal. Blogs are extremely popular today because they allow you to add fresh, keyword-rich content to your site without knowing any HTML.
Blog Designed by Krista